ode to mom

Motherhood (2021)

by: G McBride

about the artist:

G is a 25 year old m├ętis artist from BC in their third year of BFA studies from Concordia University to Emily Carr. Struggling to connect with others, they began making art at a young age and now see their practice as a way to connect with themeslves and the things going on around them. G works primarily in printmaking, textiles, and sculpture. Their artworks touch on sentimentality, identity, loneliness, grief, fears, and reconnection.

about the artwork:

woodblock print | 8.5*6 in

This piece came from my then strained relationship with my mother. It is based on a photo of my mother holding me as a baby. When I first saw the photo only a few years ago, it hit me really hard. I remember crying when I first saw it. The look on her face in the photo was profoundly empty, my face was away from the camera. I wondered how she felt when that photo was taken; if she loved me or if she was struggling to be a mother to me. The feeling I got from this photo was deeply tied to the overall feelings about my difficult relationship with her growing up and how it affected me into adulthood. The carvings and prints I made in this reductive series acted as a sort of physical transmutation of my feelings towards her as a carer to me in the past, my challenging and lonely upbringing, and over time coming to sympathize with her experience as a person with generational trauma, grief, and her own sets of challenges.