ode to mom

Curated by Sunny Park

Co-curated by Bofei Zhang

Website developed by Aymen Dirar

"Ode to Mom" is the second of the "ode to" exhibition series. Sunny came up with the idea as she was working as a Hatch Gallery director at UBC. She formed a team with two dear friends, Bofei, who she met in Kelly’s visual art studio class, and Aymen, who is a computer science major who she met through her good friend Braxton. The three of them worked together to make this online exhibition possible.

Aymen coded the website from scratch all by himself and Bofei helped out in all aspects of the exhibition organizing. The first one of the "ode to" exhibition series was "An Ode to My Younger Self". It was a physical exhibition in the Hatch Gallery curated by Sunny featuring 12 student artists.

We are going to leave the Call for Art open during the first six months of this exhibition and will renew with new selected works in the beginning of 2024. Please submit your artwork if it fits the theme of this exhibition. If you have any questions about the exhibition, message me @sunnypork. We are so grateful for all the artists who participated in this exhibition!

This exhibition launched on April 29, 2023 and will be over on April 29, 2024.

With love,

Sunny, Bofei, and Aymen

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